Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Maker’s Diet Testimony & Avoiding Sickness

If you have not yet read Jordan Rubin’s book The Maker’s Diet, or his latest book The Great Physician’s Rx for Health and Wellness, some of the information discussed on this blog may seem odd, foreign or confusing. My advice? Read the book and read the rest of this posting.

The Maker’s Diet is not a "diet" in the sense that it is a way to lose weight, although some people may lose weight especially during the Phase 1 cleanse. Rather, the Maker’s Diet is a lifestyle; it’s about making healthy food choices and learning how to give your body the nutrients it needs. God designed the body, so it is important to know how God intended us to eat.

As a personal testament to the Maker’s Diet lifestyle, I have not been sick with a cold, flu, virus or infection of any kind since beginning it. I no longer have to worry about whether I will lose my voice prior to a concert or performance. I no longer have to worry about coming into contact with a friend who has a cold or the flu. I just don’t catch sicknesses anymore.

One of the biggest keys to this, in addition to eating cultured, fermented and living foods, is avoiding processed sweets and sugars. Jordan Rubin specifically cracks down on this. In our over-processed, over-sanitized, microwavable world of pre-packaged food, there is very little nutrition left. If you look at the ingredients on most labels in the grocery store, just about everything contains sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or some other unnatural chemically created sweetener.

According to scientists, 1 tsp. of sugar is enough to lower the human immune system for 6 hours! Our bodies were not meant to process this kind of stuff. Not only is it very difficult to digest, which can result in all sorts of medical problems, but it also corrodes our teeth and lowers our ability to fight off sickness.

I heard about a recent study done on rats with regards to high-fructose corn syrup. All the female rats that were fed the high-fructose corn syrup over a period of time became infertile. All of the male rats that were fed the high-fructose corn syrup died! Hmmm … and what’s the main ingredient in Mountain Dew and other sodas?

Jordan Rubin’s list of optional sweeteners is minimal compared to what is usually listed on an average prepackaged treat today.

Acceptable Sweeteners (according to The Maker’s Diet)
[organic is always best]
-Unheated raw honey (no more than 3 Tbsp. per day)
-Pure Maple Syrup
-Sucanat or Rapadura (in limited quantities) – available at the health food store

In addition, remember that all white flour, white rice, and any other grain that has been bleached basically breaks down into white sugar in the blood. Foods that have been bleached have no nutrition in them. So, be sure you always read the labels.

In future blogs I will discuss what stores in the local Hampton Roads area carry the types products mentioned in Jordan Rubin's book, and which stores carry the most affordable versions of those products. In addition I will keep track of my own experiments in the kitchen learning to culture my own dairy products and ferment my own grains, vegetables, fruits, beans and other foods. I will also include as a separate blog a variety of recipes that you may find helpful, especially when learning to cook with alternative sweetners and oils.


Sue said...

I appreciate all that you have written. I went on the Maker's Diet a few weeks ago and then didn't have the will power to keep it up. But, I'm starting again and I am determined to continue. I do know that during the few weeks I stuck to the Maker's Diet I felt better than I had felt in years - I am determined! I must stick with this! Thanks for your article!