Sunday, August 5, 2007

Costco Eggs, Cheese, Beef, and Salmon

On a recent visit to Costco, I discovered that they carry Kerrygold's Dubliner cheese (2 lbs for about $5). It is not "raw" cheese, but is still from grass-fed cows (no antibiotics or hormones). Costco also carries very well-priced organic, grass-fed beef hamburger patties (8 per pack)in the freezer section. In addition, they carry organic, omega-3 eggs (packs of 2 dozen) for $5, that's $2.50 per doz--a very good deal; and they also carry frozen, wild Alaskan Salmon for a very good price.

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Quail Cove Farms Price Comparison

Here is a spreadsheet listing a sampling of the products carried by Quail Cove Farms in comparison other local competitors.

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My First Quail Cove Pick-up

I picked up my first Quail Cove Farms order this morning. I can't believe how much stuff I got for so little money! The smell of the fresh Amish butter was intoxicating as was the look of the cheese, chicken, eggs, juice, jam, spices, bread and veggies. I was even given a few Quail Cove Farms (QCF) fresh veggies "on the house!"

One of my secrets to figuring out what and how much I will need during the upcoming month was by planning out my family's meals for the next four weeks. I created a chart, decided on dinners and other meals/snacks (based on how much we've gone through per week in the past), and then made a list of all the items I'll need from Quail Cove to make it through the month. The items that I know I can purchase for less elsewhere I put on a seperate list and divided it into two-week columns. In this way, I'm hoping to lessen the amount of shopping trips I make in any given month. Up until now, on average, I have made grocery trips to 3-4 stores every week. This month, with my new monthly-food chart, I hope to only go to 3-4 stores once every two weeks. I may have to pick up produce weekly, but this will still be less shopping than I normally undertake. This will also save on gasoline.

Look for my Quail Cove Farms price comparison Excel chart in my next posting. I will also put together an electronic copy of my monthly menu/grocery list so that anyone interested can take a look.

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