Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Real Bread Shop

Although breads and baked goods from The Real Bread Shop are available for order online via OFD (for a few cents less individually), The Real Bread Shop store is fun to visit and offers the added benefit of a hole-punch card. Once you buy 12 loaves, you get a free loaf of bread. This is actually a better deal than saving 5 cents per loaf via OFD.

The Real Bread Shop is located in Fairfield Plaza on Kempsville Road in Virginia Beach, directly adjacent to Blockbuster on the corner in the plaza.

The Real Bread Shop uses freshly ground organic flour and local raw honey.

Again, the breads that I stick with in order to stay as close to the Maker’s Diet as possible are the Bible Bread, the Sourdough Bread and the various Spelt Breads.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am new to your site. My husband works at Regent and sent me your site because I have been trying to stick to a mostly organic diet. I am newer to the area so finding foods is hard.

I have been to trader Joes and also had been on the site for the Organic Depot.

Regarding breads... what do you think of Ezekiel Bread? Would you recommend it?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I realize this post is pretty old, so you probably know this by now, but the Bread Shop moved from its Farfield location to a new strip mall nearby. It's now on Reon Rd, between Providence and Indian River, in Virginia Beach (across from the Indian River Park & Ride area).


Organic Fanatic said...

Yes, I highly recommend Ezekiel bread. It's delicious when toasted. Food for Life make Ezekiel bread, Ezekiel cinnamon raison bread, and Ezekiel English muffins.

Yes, I know that the Bread Shop has moved. Thank you for posting its new location. As I no longer use it in favor of making my own bread, I had not inquired yet. Thanks for the posts.