Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Organics and More at Super Wal-Mart

Super Wal-Marts began carrying organic and "all natural" products in the last year or so. The two locations I frequent are the one on Princess Ann Rd. in Virginia Beach and the one on Battlefield Blvd. in Chesapeake. Not all of the natural/organic items that Wal-Mart carries are the best choices while on the Maker’s Diet (specifically because many of them contain sugar). However, here is a list of the items I’ve found at Super Wal-Mart stores that fall under the Maker’s Diet guidelines, or at least close to them.


- Organic romaine lettuce hearts – less expensive than anywhere else

- Organic apples by the bag – less expensive than anywhere else

- Organic avocados

- Organic lemons or limes (depends on what’s in stock)

- Organic celery

- Organic carrots

- Organic kiwi

- Amy’s Organic frozen meals (Mexican style) – cheapest of anywhere (however, I try to stay away from microwave foods and from the microwave in general, but when in a pinch, we’ve eaten Amy’s frozen meals before.)

- Organic ice cream – has evaporated cane juice in it, but a nice treat once in a great while (Wal-Mart has the best price for the most organic ice cream of anywhere I’ve found so far)

- Organic soups – Amy’s and other brands – best priced organic soups anywhere

- Natural Jams/Jellies by Polaner – fruit juice sweetened (only $1.50, less expensive than either Farm Fresh [$2.49 ea.] or Harris Teeter [$1.99]). We have been buying these to save money rather than buying organic fruit juice sweetened jam, which can get expensive.

- Organic canned beans – less expensive than other places (however, canned beans are not the best, as Sally Fallon mentions in Nourishing Traditions, but sometimes it is easier to use them if one is in a hurry. In the long run, though, it is cheaper to buy organic dry beans and cook them yourself.)

- Organic sour cream, decent price, but not cultured like Nancy’s, and certainly not as good for your or tasty as making it at home yourself.

These are most of the products that I get at Wal-Mart. Be sure when shopping for the best price on something, that you make sure to look at the label to see if it contains sugar. They can get pretty tricky with the labels. I believe Wal-Mart also carries organic frozen vegetables and eggs as well for a good price, probably the best price around.