Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Organics and More at Farm Fresh

Within the past two year, Farm Fresh has started to carry organic food produts. The Farm Fresh located at the intersection of Kempsville and Volvo in Chesapeake, Virginia, has the best organic selection I’ve found of any Farm Fresh my area.

A lot of their items are a little more expensive than OFD and Harris Teeter, but they do have a few things at a better price. My favorite peanut butter by Maranatha is less expensive at Farm Fresh than anywhere else, even OFD.

They carry some organic produce, organic canned goods, organic dry good, organic frozen items, and others, etc.

However, Farm Fresh, like Harris Teeter (HT Naturals), now has their own organic brand called Nature’s Best. Beware of this brand. Every product that I’ve seen so far under than brand label, while it does contain organic ingredients, it ALWAYS has sugar in it. I highly recommend staying away from these products, as they are not ideal.

However, Nature’s Best is certainly not the only brand carried at Farm Fresh.

In addition, Farm Fresh carries items in bulk: organic dried fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, beans—and even grain-sweetened chocolate covered raisins. The organic dried figs are delicious, as well as the organic dry beans.

Also, if you feel, as I have, that the products in the organic section of Farm Fresh are limited and sometimes overpriced, you can also look in the regular isles for certain products. For instance, Farm Fresh also has two brands of organic canned tomatoes in the regular canned vegetable isle, AND they are less expensive than the brands carried in the “organic section.” So, it pays to do a little extra research in the regular isles before settling on that high-priced item in the fancy “organic section.”