Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Organics and More at Harris Teeter

Here is a list of Maker’s Diet-approved food items available at Harris Teeter stores that I have found helpful and often cost-competitive.

- Organic Peanut Butter (HT Naturals brand)

- Organic canned tomatoes (diced and others) – a few more cents than Wal-Mart’s but Wal-Mart’s organic canned tomatoes have sugar in them, so I avoid them!

- Organic salsa (HT Naturals brand – very good salsas!)

- Organic produce, including peppers, squash, oranges, lemons, limes, apples, pears, onions, potatoes, lettuce, etc. Price compare on the organic produce – sometimes it’s better at Harris Teeter, sometimes it’s better at Organic Food Depot; I usually just stay away from things like fresh organic berries completely because they are so expensive no matter where you get them from.

- Organic brown rice – HT Naturals brand, brown basmati rice (very good!) – best price I’ve found for the most rice

- Organic canned veggies, beans and tons of other things, but the price isn’t as good as WalMart.

- Organic flours, oats and baking items – HT is usually more expensive on these items compared with ordering them online via OFD

- Organic Juice – a few whole, not-from-concentrate juices are available. HT also offers organic juice from concentrate, which I know is a no-no according to Jordan Ruben … but if getting the unfiltered organic juice is just too expensive for you (which it sometimes is for us) we will get our Organic Juice from Harris Teeter … they have a couple different brands, one is less expensive than the other.

- Organic frozen fruit – better price on frozen berries and other fruits on HT Naturals brand than any other brands elsewhere

- Organic, free range beef and chicken, good quality (if you’re a VIC member, the organic beef is a really decent price. The chicken, though, is a bit pricey.)