Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Raw Milk in Hampton Roads, Va. and Beyond

While doing research for local dairy, I discovered that though buying and selling raw, non-pasteurized milk is illegal in most states, including Virginia, there is an option called “cow sharing.”

Cow sharing consists of purchasing a share in a cow. There are about 20 shares in a cow. They usually cost around $100 per share, and then around $25-$35 per month to help pay for the care of the cow. In return for your investment, you get at least 1 gallon of fresh raw whole milk straight from the cow every week.

From this raw, whole, non-homogenized milk you can make a variety of dairy products including butter, sour cream and yogurt.

If you are not a resident of Virginia, visit this site to find out about your state's laws concerning raw milk and where you can get raw milk nearby.

For residents if Hampton Roads, Va., there are two farms near the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area that participate in cow sharing.


- This farm is located in Suffolk, Va. You can purchase a share in a cow through Scott and Alison Wilson, the owners, as well as a variety of other things like free-range eggs, free-range chicken and turkey, pre-ordered free-range beef, etc. I own a cow share through Full Quiver Farm and just love it. The milk is rich and delicious. As someone who grew up with a severe milk allergy my whole life, discovering raw milk has been a miracle for me. For the first time, I can drink milk (raw) and not get sick.


- This farm is located in Ivor, Va., just past Suffolk. You can purchase a share in a cow through them, as well as free-range beef.

There is a lively debate surrounding the issue of raw dairy. Some people swear by it, others believe it’s dangerous. Until I read the research, I was torn on the issue as well. Now, there's no doubt in my mind that raw milk is best. Read the documented research now and decide for yourself.