Thursday, May 17, 2007


Kombucha is a raw, fermented drink containing billions of living probiotic organism, electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants, etc. It is wonderful for the digestive system as well as a number of other things.

My sister suggested I try Kombucha. I discovered that the OFD carries some flavors in stock and others are available to order through the online catalogue. The brand I have tried and love is called Synergy. It comes in different flavors. My sister’s favorite is the mango. Unfortunately, although the drink IS available at Organic Food Depot, the mango flavor is only available via a split, and I couldn’t find enough people to split it with me this week. So, instead, I just ordered the grape flavor and the guava flavor since both are carried in stock.

A word of warning: don’t shake the bottle. The drink is very carbonated due to the fermentation. It tastes a little vinegary, almost a little like alcohol but not. It fizzes in your throat after a sip. It is a raw and organic drink.

It is actually quite good. I think the guava flavor is better than the grape. The immediate after-taste is the fruit 5% fruit juice that they add to it, and then right after that there’s a fermented after-taste. But on the whole, it’s great. It’s supposed to be fantastic for digestion and some people have even used it to help heal from cancer.

I’m excited that my sister told me about this. I had never heard of it until last week. The Kombucha will be a great thing to have to keep in line with what Sally Fallon recommends in Nourishing Traditions—make 50% of your daily diet fermented, cultured or sprouted foods AND make sure to eat something fermented or cultured at ever meal. Fallon’s word of advice is if your meal will not include something fermented or cultured, then it’s a good idea eat something of that sort prior to your meal in order to prep your digestive system to better break down and absorb your food.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make fermented, cultured and sprouted foods 50% of my total diet, but I can at least eat them as often as possible. And with Kombucha in the house, I’ll always have something fermented on hand.