Monday, January 21, 2008

Sprouted Grain Digests Like a Vegetable--and is Available Online

Sprouted grain flour IS available for purchase online!

The scientific findings concerning sprouted grains will blow you away. Check out this site and discover how sprouting grains turns it from a starch into a vegetable!--AND why most gluten-senitive people are actually starch sensitive--making sprouted grain flour a healthy option for celiacs.

Here's another site that sells sprouted grain flour as well.

You'll notice that the sprouted flour on these sites is pricey. However, if you sprout grain yourself, you'll save quite a bit of money. Most organic hard red wheat sells for around .56-.68 per pound. There are nine cups of wheat in a pound, and 1 cup of grain equals 1.5 cups of flour! Think of how much money you'll save sprouting grain at home, drying it and then grinding it into flour for recipes. You can even use your coffee bean mill when grinding flour for small-to-medium recipes!