Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heritage Health Food, Virginia Beach

Heritage Health Food is the largest health food store in the Hampton Roads region. I have hesitated to review it on this site up until now. However, after a recent visit, I have decided to note the wonderful variety and somewhat competitive prices.

Heritage offers large bins of loose bulk items including grains, legumes, dried fruit, trail mixes, etc. The grain and legumes are very competitively priced, and cost about the same amount as similar items in other health food stores in the region, including in-store items at Organic Food Depot.

A number of items at Heritage are too highly priced, in my opinion, when compared to online shopping at Organic Food Depot or Quail Cove Farms co-ops. However, Heritage's in-stock selection is enormous. I found things like fruit-sweetened syrups, organic makeup lines, a large variety of nut butters, frozen items, spices and other goods, many of which one can only get through Organic Food Depot or Quail Cove Farms if it is ordered in bulk. Case in point: I'd rather not buy a 12-bottle case of blackberry fruit-sweetened syrup if I know I can purchase 1 bottle of it at Heritage, albeit at 1-2 dollars more per bottle.

So, Heritage Health Food is worth looking at if you time to shop and you can price compare.

They also offer an organic deli counter at Heritage--a nice lunch spot.