Friday, May 15, 2009

Modern Cloth Diapering - As Easy As Using Disposables!

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

Well, it's not. After trying out a variety of modern all-in-one and pocket cloth diapers on my little one, I've discovered that modern cloth diapering is not the chore it was 20 or 30 years ago. It's actually almost as easy as using disposables. And definitely saves money and the environment over the long run.

My two favorite cloth diapers are bumGenius 3.0 and Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size. Yes, I know, the names are cute and funny, but they're seriously amazing diapers. Both are pocket diapers that can be stuffed with the accompanying micro-terry inserts (stuff with one or two inserts depending on desired absorbency), and then both the inserts and diapers can be washed. They have wonderful absorbency and no leaking!

The bumGenius 3.0 are a one-size diaper, which uses velcro across the tummy. Because it is a one-size-diaper, it grows with your baby from birth to about 2 years old. The Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size comes in a range of sizes - small and medium are generally the only two sizes needed for 2 years of diapering. The Fuzzi Bunz uses snaps rather than velcro. The snaps are longer-lasting than the velcro of bumGenius, meaning you can potentially use the Fuzzi Bunz diaper for more than one child's diapering years. However, the bumGenius are a less expensive investment upfront. This type of pocket diaper is certainly more expensive than the traditional prefold-type diapering, but it is much LESS expensive than buying disposable diapers.

Here are the cloth diapering retailers I most highly recommend due to price, convenience and customer service.

Soft Cloth Bunz (weekly FREE diaper/item giveaways, convenient store front in Norfolk, Va., earn in-store purchase points toward FREE items!, best website layout and info, and owner Bryana is so experienced and very helpful)

Nurtured Family (best microterry inserts [4-layered!], offer Fuzzi Bunz-recommended fleece/flannel wipes, and best deal on Fuzzi Bunz-recommended detergent)

Kelly's Closet (best bumGenius pkgs and fast customer service)

If you are an organic/environmentally-conscious mom using disposables, you've got to check these out. You can save money and the environment, with hardly any inconvenience at all!


Kelley said...

Hi, Could you tell me about how many covers are needed to start? I know nothing about these diaper so thank you for the info!

Organic Fanatic said...

If you are doing traditional cloth diapering using prefolds, then yes, you'll need diaper cover. It depends on the age of your baby (and how many diapers they go through daily), but I think the general rule of thumb is 6-8 diaper covers. Here's another site that is helpful in figuring out what kind diapers you want to use and how many you'll need: