Monday, October 22, 2007

Sami's Bakery - What a find!

While Jordan Rubin in his book The Maker's Diet recommends that we limit our intake of unsprouted/unsoaked grains, he does suggest that it is alright to have small quantities of grains/flours that are unsoaked/unsprouted.

Sami's Bakery is a wonderful option for these types of items.

They carry gluten-free millet and brown rice breads, flat breads, rolls, muffins, hamberger/hot dog buns, and even cookies (only the honey-sweetened ones).

Sami's pita chips are particularly good, as well as their lavash and burger buns.

Sami's Bakery products are available locally in Hampton Roads through the Organic Food Depot.

Here is a reminder of Rubin's list of approved grains/flours for easy digestion:

Grains and starchy carbohydrates (whole-grain, organic, soaked is best)
Sprouted Ezekiel-type bread
Sprouted Essene bread
Fermented whole-grain sourdough bread
Kamut (in small quantities)
Sprouted cereal
Oats (in small quantities)
Brown rice (in small quantities)
Spelt (in small quantities)
Barley (in small quantities)
Whole-grain kamut or spelt pasta (in small quantities)