Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hidden Danger in Air Fresheners

Whether you know it or not, a dangerous group of chemicals is hiding in most of the fragranced products being sold on store shelves in America today. These are called phthalates. One especially dangerous one is known as DBP.

You may have heard of phthalates before. I’ve mentioned them in other posts on this site.

Read this important news article on the specific air fresheners that do and don’t contain these harmful chemicals.

Phthalates are also commonly found in nail polish, cologne, perfume, cosmetics of every kind, body care products (shampoos, lotions, oils), etc. Basically anything on the commercial market that is scented contains phthalates. Even candles. (See my blog called “Finding Safety: Body Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, and Cosmetics” for alternatives to these phthalate-filled products.)

You can find out more about these harmful effects at (click “Scientific Reports” on the left).

Use as another resource for safe alternatives to phthalate-filled products.