Friday, August 1, 2008

Natural Remedy for UTIs

Are you prone to UTIs and bladder infections?
Are you sick of taking antibiotics for them?

Listen up!

This is what I do to get rid of UTIs and bladder infections and it works every time.

1. Increase your water intake abundantly. Drink plenty of water and tea constantly!

2. Urinate every hour. If you're drinking enough water, you should easily be able to do this.

3. Take Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra 1 pill 3x daily (1 before each meal)
If you are not currently taking this supplement, add it in slowly. Start with 1 daily for a couple days, then 2 daily for a couple days, and eventually 3 daily if you are fighting a UTI. (This supplement it available online and through Vitamin Shoppe, among other stores.)

4. Take Carlson's Super Cod Liver Oil (1000 mg) 1 pill 3x daily.
This is a powerful anti-inflammatory. I purchase mine at Vitamin Shoppe. I take one pill daily on a regular basis, and up it to 3 if I sense a UTI coming on.

5. Take UriSense with Cran-Rich & Probiotic BB536 1 pill 2-3x daily.
Where I live, this supplement is not available in stores. It can be ordered online, though. My advice: stock up on it so you have it when you need it.

Now that I'm pregnant, I'm even more prone to UTIs that I used to be. I am currently taking all of these supplements on a daily basis (1 pill of each, once a day) in order to prevent UTIs.

Early in my pregnancy, I could tell I had a UTI, so I called my nutritional coach and the above is what she told me to do in order to avoid having to take antibiotics. I followed her advice, and after only 3 days, the pain from the UTI was gone. I followed the above regimen for a week just be sure, then took a urine test at my next doctor's appointment, and sure enough there was no UTI.

I hope this natural remedy is helpful to you all!