Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kerrygold Butter

As many of you may have already read in my blog, I have been planning to experiment with making my own butter. However, after more than a month I have had not gotten around to it. This past week I finally decided to scout around for a high-quality, cultured butter from pasture-fed cows.

I discovered a brand that I am now in love with: Kerrygold. Kerrygold is an Irish company that produces high-quality butter and cheese. The milk that Kerrygold uses to produce their products comes from a number of small farmers scattered all over Ireland. The cows are pasture-fed and are never given hormones or antibiotics. The butter contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives and is made from cultured pasturized cream. (I was glad to see that the cream, though pasturized, is at least cultured.) It is a deep, rich golden color, characteristic of pasture-fed cow's milk butter. And it is delicious! I have never beofre seen butter this yellow, or tasted butter this good.

I have yet to try their cheeses, but I will do that next!

For those of you local to Hampton Roads, you can purchase Kerrygold products through the Organic Food Depot. Enjoy!


j.ho said...

I've had their cheddar and Dubliner cheeses, both of which are fantastic. Dare I say their cheddar is the best I have had - lovely texture. We especially enjoy it at the end of summer on fresh sliced heirloom tomatoes. Lay cheese slices on the tomato slices and broil for just a minute or 2 until the cheese is melty. Absolutely divine.